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OS Credential Dumping: Cached Domain Credentials

Description from ATT&CK

Adversaries may attempt to access cached domain credentials used to allow authentication to occur in the event a domain controller is unavailable.(Citation: Microsoft - Cached Creds)

On Windows Vista and newer, the hash format is DCC2 (Domain Cached Credentials version 2) hash, also known as MS-Cache v2 hash.(Citation: PassLib mscache) The number of default cached credentials varies and can be altered per system. This hash does not allow pass-the-hash style attacks, and instead requires Password Cracking to recover the plaintext password.(Citation: ired mscache)

With SYSTEM access, the tools/utilities such as Mimikatz, Reg, and can be used to extract the cached credentials.

Note: Cached credentials for Windows Vista are derived using PBKDF2.(Citation: PassLib mscache)

Atomic Tests

Atomic Test #1 - Cached Credential Dump via Cmdkey

List credentials currently stored on the host via the built-in Windows utility cmdkey.exe Credentials listed with Cmdkey only pertain to the current user Passwords will not be displayed once they are stored

Supported Platforms: windows

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Attack Commands: Run with command_prompt!

cmdkey /list