T1037.001 - Boot or Logon Initialization Scripts: Logon Script (Windows)

Description from ATT&CK

Adversaries may use Windows logon scripts automatically executed at logon initialization to establish persistence. Windows allows logon scripts to be run whenever a specific user or group of users log into a system.(Citation: TechNet Logon Scripts) This is done via adding a path to a script to the HKCU\Environment\UserInitMprLogonScript Registry key.(Citation: Hexacorn Logon Scripts) Adversaries may use these scripts to maintain persistence on a single system. Depending on the access configuration of the logon scripts, either local credentials or an administrator account may be necessary.

Atomic Tests

Atomic Test #1 - Logon Scripts

Adds a registry value to run batch script created in the %temp% directory. Upon execution, there will be a new environment variable in the HKCU\Environment key that can be viewed in the Registry Editor.

Supported Platforms: Windows

auto_generated_guid: d6042746-07d4-4c92-9ad8-e644c114a231


| Name | Description | Type | Default Value | |——|————-|——|—————| | script_path | Path to .bat file | string | %temp%\art.bat| | script_command | Command To Execute | string | echo Art “Logon Script” atomic test was successful. » %USERPROFILE%\desktop\T1037.001-log.txt|

Attack Commands: Run with

echo "#{script_command}" > #{script_path}
REG.exe ADD HKCU\Environment /v UserInitMprLogonScript /t REG_SZ /d "#{script_path}" /f

Cleanup Commands:

REG.exe DELETE HKCU\Environment /v UserInitMprLogonScript /f >nul 2>&1
del #{script_path} >nul 2>&1
del "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\T1037.001-log.txt" >nul 2>&1